About Dr. Kim Bruno And Our Functional Medicine Team

Dr. Kimberly E. Bruno, DC, CCN
Functional Medicine Provider
Certified Clinical Nutritionist

kim bruno head shot 2016Dr. Kimberly Bruno has been passionate about nutrition and achieving optimum health from a young age. She believes that proper nutrition is the foundation of health and the key to attaining a well-balanced system.

Because of Dr. Bruno’s passion for preventative and functional medicine she pursued and received her Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine from National University of Health Sciences in Chicago where she concurrently attained her Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN) degree.

Dr. Bruno has a dedicated herself to working with lifestyle medicine issues as well as promoting a prevention model of health care for all of her patients. She addresses nutritional issues including but not limited to: digestive disorders, autoimmune conditions, food sensitivities, weight loss, diabetes management, hormone and thyroid imbalances, pediatric nutrition, pre and post natal needs, and chronic fatigue.

Dr. Bruno is a Colorado native, she attended Colorado State University were she received her bachelors of science in Health and Exercise Science with an emphasis in Health Promotion. She returned to Northern Colorado after her doctorate program. She enjoys all mountain activities such hiking, snowshoeing as well as being with her husband and young daughter.


Stephanie Staples
Functional Medicine Provider
Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach (FMCHC)

Stephanie Staples enjoys a lifelong passion for health, wellness and helping others. She
graduated from St. Louis University with a Bachelor’s in Medical Science in 1999 and
became a Board Certified Physician Assistant. During her 12 years of practice, she
developed a passion for nutrition, health and wellness that led to studying lifestyle
medicine and the principles of food as medicine. The knowledge she gained motivated
her to enroll in the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. This education and
certification will allow Stephanie to couple her expertise and interests to advance her
career as a Functional Medicine Health Coach. This patient-centric approach combines
all aspects of lifestyle medicine: functional medicine, functional nutrition, mind-body
medicine, and coaching.
Stephanie lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with her husband and three children. She
thrives in the outdoors and can be found traveling and camping with her family, as much
as their busy life allows. She lives a very active lifestyle. Some of her favorite activities
are yoga, barre, running, hiking, skiing and biking. Stephanie’s other hobbies include
cooking, digital scrap-booking and anything to do with organization! Their family motto is
Health Coaching Philosophy:
Stephanie considered practicing as a Physician Assistant in a Functional Medicine role,
though after reflecting on what she loved most about health and helping others, she
knew health coaching would encompass all of her passions. She was fortunate to gain
experience on the other side of medicine, educating patients about their diagnoses,
treatment and recommendations. However, she often witnessed among family,
neighbors, friends and even herself that the conventional medical approach did not
always lead to improved health, improvement in the quality of life, resolution of chronic
disease/symptoms or achieving health/life goals.
It is Stephanie’s desire to help patients discover their personal health goals based on
what they value most in life. She would like to be the missing piece of the puzzle, the
liaison between the provider and the patient, helping people understand
recommendations and supporting them on their wellness journey. By providing
individuals with the necessary support and resources, they can feel empowered to
achieve their personal goals and practical lifestyle changes. Patients can truly prosper
and achieve optimum wellness. With a functional medicine approach, lifestyle choices
and behaviors become the foundation of health — preventing, stopping progression and
even reversing many diseases.
Stephanie has learned the importance of being fully present and available to support
patients every step along the way. She firmly believes in this approach and through the
client-coach partnership, positive changes become a reality and goals become
achievable. Stephanie finds her joy and true sense of purpose by making these
meaningful differences in a person’s life!

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