Diagnostic Testing We Offer

The patients appropriate testing is determined through health history, signs and symptoms.

  • Food Intolerance Panels for children and adults
  • Nutrient Level Evaluation including their use in biochemical pathways for cellular health
  • Adrenal and stress hormones
  • Complete Thyroid Panels
  • Complete Blood panels for overall health markers – lipid, liver, kidney, immune, thyroid etc.
  • Cycling Female hormones
  • Post-Menopausal hormones
  • Gastrointestinal Panels through stool analysis

Blood chemistry is the gateway to symptoms and all disease states.  A blood chemistry analysis should be considered in all patients that have not had a comprehensive health evaluation in the past year.  The results in these tests are dynamic as the body adapts to internal and external stresses and treatment plans.  These tests are only one of the powerful tools utilized in alternative medicine.  When combined with a complete health history, obtained during an hour long first appointment, it provides us with a more in-depth view of what is happening and a true holistic medicine diagnosis.

We use the diagnostic testing services of the following companies:







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