Frequently Asked Questions

stethescopeWhat should I expect on my first visit?

Your first functional nutrition visit is approximately 60-90 minutes.

We will take a complete health and nutritional history, review previous labs (if you have some within one year – please bring with you) and supplement regimen. We will then discuss functionally the reasons for your symptoms and educate you on how you can best improve your situation.

If functional diagnostic labs are needed, all panels will be discussed ahead of time and labs will be drawn in house, unless fasting is required at which point a future blood draw date will be scheduled.

You will leave your initial appointment with action items to work on and homework to complete for your follow up visit.

Does Dr. Bruno bill and/or take my insurance?

Colorado Center of Health and Nutrition is an out of network provider and requests payment at the time of service. All insurance plans are different and therefore we do not know specifically if your plan will cover nutrition counseling. If you are seeking reimbursement please check with your insurance carrier prior to your visit to confirm payment.

We are happy to provide you with a “superbill” when you check out which you can send to your insurance company for reimbursement of the services and labs. Supplements are not reimbursable through insurance.

Will Dr. Bruno work closely with my primary medical doctor?

This is really up to you, I am happy to work closely with your primary care practitioner in order to have all your health care providers on the same page. We find this is the best way to get you, the patient, the most superior care.

If you would like collaboration with your other health care providers we will need you to sign a “release of records”. We will then send copies of treatment plans and progress reports on your behalf.

Click here to download the Release of Records Form

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