Affordable Functional Medicine Cardiovascular Health Screening

“Just because you’re not sick doesn’t mean you’re healthy”

Affordable Functional Medicine Cardiovascular Health Screening : Colorado Center of Health and NutritionFunctional Medicine is the future of health care in this country, but the unfortunate situation right now is that most insurance companies do not recognize functional medicine and therefore do not pay for its services. This leaves many people wanting a true prevention model of healthcare but without the monetary means to make this a reality.

At Colorado Center of Health and Nutrition we believe everyone should be able to access preventative functional medicine health care, and to make this a reality, we will be offering group visits and discounted select labs and plans.  Each quarter watch for a new special being offered by us.  If it is of interest to you, a family member or friend, I encourage you to sign up and take advantage of the life changing information that may change the course of your health.

Cardiovascular Health Screening and Heart Healthy Life Plan

One in three Americans suffers from some form of heart disease…DO YOU?

This Affordable Function Medicine plan is right for you if you have the following signs or symptoms:

• Family history of heart disease, stroke, obesity and/or diabetes

• Overweight or obese

• Pre-diabetic or diabetic

• High blood pressure

• Previous high cholesterol or blood sugar levels on lab testing

In celebration of National Heart Month, Dr. Kim Bruno and Colorado Center of Health and Nutrition will be offering an amazing special to all of our existing patients, and their friends and family. You can get a cardiovascular health screening and complete lifestyle program tailored specifically to you for the amazing price of $200.

We care about your HEART and want to give you the knowledge to minimize your cardiovascular risk and create optimal heart health for a long and vibrant life.

$200 Heart Health Screening SPECIAL includes ($600 value):

• Cardiovascular Health and Nutrition History visit with in-office fasting blood draw (60 min)

• Advanced Cardio metabolic testing including complete lipid panel with particle size, inflammation markers, diabetes risk and genetic factors. *

• Report of Findings Group visit (60min) and the creation of your targeting treatment plan to achieve cardiovascular health, with access to the Lifestyle Plan portal to create your unique life plan specific to your lab test and your food preferences. **

To schedule your Cardiovascular Heart Health Screening, call (970) 372-1277 or click here to schedule online.


*Lab panels available through Boston Hearth Diagnostics and special pricing is available with all major insurance plans. Depending on insurance coverage a possible balance bill from Boston Heart Diagnostics of up to $60.00 may be received.

**Two date and time options will be available for the ROF group visit. Supplements and additional one-on-one Doctor/RD visits available at additional cost

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