Happy National Heart Month

February is National Heart Month

Even with all the modern advances in medicine, heart disease is still the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States.


What is even more concerning is that standard cholesterol screening for heart health could miss that you are at risk. Why? Because according to the National Heart, Blood and Lung Institute 50% of heart attack victims had normal cholesterol levels.

So what can be done? Better and more advanced testing, called the Lipoprotein Particle Profile (LPP) is available, and at Colorado Center of Health and Nutrition, your Fort Collins nutrition clinic, we are offering this highly diagnostic test to YOU. And because we would like EVERYONE you have this valuable information which could save their life, we are offering this testing at little to no cost to you for the month of February. Please see below for all promotion details.


Why should you have the LPP test done?

Standard cholesterol testing only gives you part of the picture leaving many people with “normal” cholesterol numbers unaware that they are still at risk for a heart attack. The National Cholesterol Education Program introduced new risk factors that are responsible for many individuals at risk of cardiovascular disease. The risk factors can only be identified with advanced lipoprotein testing.

Cholesterol is carried throughout the body in little balls called lipoproteins. It is the lipoproteins, not the cholesterol in them, that leads to clogging of the arteries.

Why do I need to know about lipoprotein particles?

Research has shown that there are different sizes of LDL and HDL particles and that some are much more dangerous than others. Having a detailed Lipoprotein Particle Profile gives you and your doctor the information needed to make more effective treatment decisions to reduce your risk for heart disease and even a heart attack.

Who should take the LPP test?

All patients, and especially those who”

  1. Have a family history of heart disease or diabetes
  2. Have been diagnosed with heart disease or diabetes
  3. Are already taking cholesterol lowering medications
  4. Have been diagnosed with metabolic syndrome and/high blood pressure.


Heart Month Promotion from Dr. Bruno and the Colorado Center of Health and Nutrition

Lipoprotein Particle Profile complete blood test – at Low to No COST* to YOU for the entire month of February.

*Patient is required to have a valid insurance card

*NO laboratory payment is required by the patient, a draw fee of $20 is required to cover cost of blood draw supplies.

*Patients insurance will be billed for the cost of the test, and the laboratory will accept any payment paid by the insurance company

*Depending on the patients insurance plan, it is possible  but unlikely, the patient will be billed by the laboratory for a maximum of $45.00 for the test. (This tests retails at over $500.00, so even at $45.00 this is an AMAZING deal!!!)


Take control of your cardiovascular health this month, and let Colorado Center of Health and Nutrition help you!!

Please call the clinic to schedule to pick up a lab kit or to schedule your blood draw at our office.


 In good health,

Dr. Kim Bruno

Our Fort Collins Nutrition clinic specializes in improving your health through balanced nutrition and functional healthcare. We treat: weight loss, metabolic syndrome, GI health and balancing, food sensitivities and allergies, celiac disease, thyroid and adrenal imbalances. We thank you for considering us for part of your health care team.

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