Here’s How to Donate Baby Carriers for Syrian Refugees

My heart strings have been pulled into action and I am asking for your help.

How to Donate Baby Carriers to Syrian Refugees : Colorado Center of Health and Nutrition BlogThe images of parents holding on to their young children for dear life, while squeezed into a rubber boat over rough and freezing water. Then carrying their children, countless miles, all while cold, wet and exhausted, I have been in tears more than once over the last couple weeks. Then I found out about a charity, Carry the Future, which is collecting and donating baby and toddler carriers to the refugees arriving in Greece. They are personally fitting each parent with the carrier to ensure proper fit and for the first time these parents have some relief that their child is safely near them. This is a small gesture by us, but can make a huge impact on the day to day logistics of a family with young children in uncertain circumstances.

Click here to read more in this Upworthy article.

So here is my action, I am starting the NoCo Baby Carrier drive. Until the end of the year we will be collecting new or used baby carriers to donate to the coast of Greece as the refugees arrive with their children. We will be donating through the established charity of Carry the Future to ensure each carrier arrives and is utilized for a family in need. If you do not have a carrier and would still like to help, please consider buying a carrier (new or used – Craiglist or Once Upon a Child always have them) and donating it.

Donations can be dropped off at my office:

Colorado Center of Health and Nutrition
313 W. Drake Rd. #210
Fort Collins, Co 80526

I thank you in advance and I hope you and your family have a safe, healthy and happy holiday season filled with gratitude for all we have.

In good health,

Dr. Kim Bruno

How to Donate Baby Carriers to Syrian Refugees : Colorado Center of Health and Nutrition Blog

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