Maintain, Don’t Gain Over The Holidays!

The Top 10 Eating Light Party Tips

Maintain, Don't Gain this Holiday Season! :  Colorado Center of Health and NutritionBefore the night is over you can consume 700-1500 extra calories at a holiday party. Multiply that by the number of holiday parties in the season and it is no wonder that we gain weight during the holiday season.

Here are some tips to limit the number of calories you consume while you still enjoy yourself at the party.

  • Remember the party is about friends, family and the holiday season…the food should not be the main attraction.
  • Eat dinner before attending the party – this way you are not hungry when you arrive and you can stick to a small sample of buffet choices
  • Don’t fill up on empty alcohol calories – Alternate each alcoholic beverage with a sparking water, you will still have a drink but no extra calories.
  • Window shop before you buy…Make a “buffet lap” before you start loading your plate, pick your favorites and sample those.
  • Use a small plate and only make one trip around the buffet.
  • Don’t hover over the food table – make your choices, fill your plate and move on to the rest of the party.
  • Avoid foods that you eat regularly (example: chips and salsa) – a party is a time for indulgence so why fill up on boring chips when you can have a fancy appetizers – but always try to limit your sampling, remember you already ate your dinner.
  • If you need to keep eating stick to the veggie and fruit trays – but try to limit the use of the fattening dips and spreads
  • Wear an outfit that fits you perfectly – nothing to baggy. This way you will be able to tell when you have eaten enough. Tight clothes are uncomfortable and a great reminder to stop eating.
  • Friends are generous…but at the end of the night when they offer you leftovers it is best to politely pass, there is no need to continue the party for the rest of the week.




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