Making Family Fitness A Lifestyle

The new year is all about motivation and resolutions. Unfortunately, most of which don’t stick around for long. This year, think about ways to get you’re your family involved in your fitness goals to help make it a lifestyle for everyone for years to come.Making Family Fitness a Lifestyle : Colorado Center of Health and Nutrition Blog

At the very minimum, adults should aim to be moderately active for 2 hours and 30 minutes a week. This includes walking, biking, hiking, yoga, gardening, yard work, playing with kids, etc. Doing more vigorous activities like running, mountain biking, cross country skiing etc. for 1 hour and 15 minutes a week is also sufficient. Depending on where you are, this recommendation should really be a starting point. Working up to and maintaining about 5 hours a week provides additional health and weight loss/management benefits.

Children ages 6-17 should be getting 60 minutes of activity a day from a variety of and sources and intensities. Activities can include running, biking, climbing, swimming,
playing, dancing, etc. While there are no specific recommendations, children younger than 6 should be active every day with developmentally appropriate activities.

Being active together as a family can be fun and healthy for everyone. Think about adding some of these ideas to your goals for the new year:

  • Go for a hike as a family and enjoy some good conversation along with the outdoors
  • Go for a run while the children are on bikes to allow everyone to go at the same pace
  • Take the dog for a walk after dinner
  • Make picking up around the house fun by turning it into a game for kids. Have them pick up everything blue before a timer goes off, and so on…
  • Turn on some of your favorite music and dance around the house
  • Build a snowman or go splashing in puddles.

Remember, all activities that involve moving your body for 10 minutes or more at a time count. Don’t let hard to reach goals or expectations hold you back. Choose activities you enjoy and that you can stick with.

No matter what you decide to set your goals to be, be sure you are healthy for exercise. Ease into it if you haven’t been exercising regularly, and check with your doctor if you are new to exercise. Never do anything that makes you uncomfortable or extremely short of breath.

If you want to learn more about how to make your individual fitness goals a lifestyle and how to eat to support your goals, make an appointment with me, Lauren Larson, MS, RDN, at the Colorado Center of Health and Nutrition by calling (970) 372-1277 today or schedule online!

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