Nutrition Relief for Oklahoma

Dear Patients,

With heavy hearts many of us awake today wondering how we can help those affected by this weeks tragedies in OK & surrounding areas. We have patients in this area, and they have let us know of a huge need to feed survivors & rescue workers & we CAN help. 


The clinic will be sending Ready to Drink Protein Shakes & Meal Replacement Nutrition Bars – We will be taking the orders all at wholesale cost! If you would like help we are asking for donations of any size ($5, $20- whatever you can spare, just FYI $50.00 will send 24 meal replacement protein shakes or 30 protein bars.) the clinic will cover all tax and shipping as well as match all donations 1:1…these people truly need help. We have set up a distribution chain through a local church and all donations will go directly to those effected.

How to help:

  • Contact Dr. Bruno with your donation – either respond to this email or call her direct line 970-691-3694. 
  • Each donation by you will be matched personally by Dr. Bruno and the CCHN clinic.
  • We will have care of the rest, order and ship all supplies, arrange for proper distribution and provide you with a donation receipt if it is requested.

We will keep sending as long as donations come in. Orders will be placed/sent daily. We will also send donation receipts to you. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP & PRAYERS!!!

In good Health,
Dr. Kim Bruno

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