Having children.  Getting older.  Focused on careers.  Lifestyle changes.  Metabolism.

What do all these things have in common? 

They're reasons women are routinely given when they express they "just don't feel right".
And not only from family and friends, but even by their own doctors! 

Symptoms like restless sleep, weight gain, and fatigue are far too often brushed aside as normal when in reality they are not.  You do not need to accept how you feel.  It does not have to be your new normal.

How Dr. Kim Can Help

Dr. Kim will work with you one on one to develop a patient-centered approach that offers you hope and direction that you are not simply "getting older".

By utilizing a detailed lifestyle and medical history paired with functional diagnostic labs, Dr. Kim will work to find the root cause of your imbalance and create a unique treatment plan to restore harmony in all of the body's biochemical systems so you can feel like your old self again.

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A Case Study

April is a 37 year old mother of three.  In the past four years she has given birth to a child, was in a car accident, and she lost her mother to cancer.  She has gained 35 pounds, has become depressed, fatigued, and restless.  Sleep is difficult, as is her ability to focus during the day and she often feels that she is living in a "fog".  Her sex drive is low and she experiences regular mood swings and anxiety.  These symptoms have begun to affect her family life, as well as her social life.  

A look at April's history reveals chronic high blood pressure, cold hands and feet, heavy and painful menstrual periods, hair loss, and bloating along with occasional GI upset.  April's primary care physician had tested her for a thyroid disorder, which came back normal.  He prescribed medication for her high blood pressure and an anti-depressant for her mood.  He suggested she lose weight while reminding her that her metabolism was slowing with age.  And just like that, this was April's "new normal." 

At the urging of a friend, April decided to seek out a functional medicine practitioner; a search that landed her in Dr. Kim's office at Colorado Center of Health and Nutrition.  Dr. Kim took an extensive patient history and ordered lab work that was far more detailed than anything that had previously been done.  It revealed that April did, in fact, have an under-active thyroid, as well as severe hormonal imbalance, mild food allergies, and her probiotic production was low due to the medications she had been taking.  

Dr. Kim and April worked together one-on-one to develop a treatment plan.  She began taking high-quality, bio-identical medications and supplements to correct the imbalances within her body that were creating the symptoms she suffered.  This medication protocol was complimented by a nutrition and activity plan tailored to April's needs.  

Within weeks April's symptoms began to disappear.  She began to sleep better, her energy levels were up during the day, her depression subsided, weight loss was easier, and her blood pressure had lowered significantly.  She began to feel like herself again - something she had been told wasn't possible.  

April's story isn't the exception, unfortunately, it is the rule.  Her name could be replaced with the names of thousands of women.  Don't be one of them. 

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