The Importance of Nutrition for Athletes

The Importance of Nutrition for Athletes : Colorado Center of Health and NutritionThe number of athletes is growing daily. There are approximately 36 million people who run on a regular basis in the United States. Manhattan, NY boasts that in 2010 there are about 200,000 people who ride their bike every day! These numbers are truly amazing and will continue to grow with the popularity of triathlons, marathons and cycling events just to name a few. The participation in and the number of club sports teams for basketball, hockey, baseball, softball, tennis and volleyball continues to grow every year. With these growing numbers of participants comes a growing need for better nutrition and orthopedic care and even personal fitness programs.

Different Demands = Different Needs

Nutrition is extremely important to active people. They are accustomed to pushing their limits more often than the average person. It is no secret that the body will demand better, highly personalized nutrition. They are striving to keep the competitive edge over their competition and even themselves. A small breakdown in performance is noticed immediately and can have dire consequences to their season if they are not treated correctly and in a timely manner. Dr. Bruno has extensive experience treating all types of enthusiasts – from a weekend warrior, to collegiate and professional athletes. The success is evident in her practice with patients constantly telling stories of a personal best, the best season they have had in 5 years or the ability to recover from even the most demanding of training sessions.

Another aspect vital to people competing is where to turn when they have an injury or pain. Pain is the nervous system telling you something is wrong. If you leave it be, it has the potential to develop into an season ending injury. Now people are looking for a doctor who can diagnose the issue, reduce and even eliminate the pain while allowing the individual to stay active. Dr. Bruno has developed several highly specialized protocols for athletes allowing a quick diagnosis of movement disorder and evidence-based treatment protocols to get them back to their sport in the shortest amount of time.

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