Weight Loss

weightlossWeight loss is a common reason someone would seek out the care of a nutritionist. Often we think if we just eat a little less and restrict calories, or have a rigid meal plan then the weight will fall off.

This is not the case for many people, because their bodies have some faulty biochemistry in which case even with extreme dieting they lose very little weight and have a high likely hood of putting it all and more back on. That is when Dr. Bruno, an integrative clinical nutritionist, is the correct person to assist with weight loss.

In the clinical nutrition office time is spent with the patient history and with functional diagnostic testing to determine what is the real reason the patient is not losing weight. It could be an array of imbalances ranging from digestive health, food intolerances, adrenal, hormone and/or thyroid function.

After making the proper diagnosis for the underlying reason of “inability to lose weight” then we are able to move forward with a specific plan, food types, and meal plans to help the patient reach their weight loss goals.

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