Women’s Hormonal Health

Hormones are powerful agents of change in our body. They cause direct changes in our bodily functions and facilitate our body’s reactions to environmental changes.

All of us – men, women, adults, and adolescents experience constant hormone fluctuations. How we look and feel is the direct result of our hormone balance.

When our hormones are in balance, meaning all our hormones are working together well, the results are amazing. Our skin looks radiant and fresh, our minds work smoothly, we remember things, we focus well, our weight and moods are stable, our sex drive soars. We are young and healthy.

When our hormones are out of balance, problems can develop. We have difficulty focusing, we get tired and stay tired, we can’t catch up on sleep. We become insomniacs, lose interest in sex, get bloated, and gain weight. We develop aches and pains in our joints; our skin gets wrinkled and dry; we get heart disease, digestive problems, arthritis, osteoporosis. We age.

The aging process is the result of years of wear and tear on our body. It mirrors the state of our hormone balance, our genetics, and the type of life we lead. Understanding how our hormone balance affects everything we do in our lives, and also how everything we do in life from diet to environmental choices, is key to maintaining health and preventing aging from robbing us of vitality.

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